Acuity Recruitment Process Outsourcing recognizes that each staffing situation will present its own unique challenge. Our RPO solutions are founded in the belief that scalability, flexibility, and affordability can provide innovation to your hiring process. Acuity takes this recruiting and staffing foundation to the next level by providing strategic consulting and relationship driven solutions. When we understand you, we understand your needs and can act on your behalf.

A recruitment strategy for your company can be a hybrid solution, meaning the service can range from On-Demand or Project Basis/ to Contingent or Retained/ to Fully Outsourced. All options can be customized so that you can select the processes and solutions that best fit your hiring needs.

Our offerings can include dedicated support, innovative strategies, organizational consultation, employment brand building, job posting and sourcing services, applicant tracking systems, talent identification and assessment, psychometric analysis, technical assessment, and deadline driven hiring success.

Acuity RPO has the insight, experience, talent, and dedication to get it right for you. Our staff can provide a range of candidate evaluation, from initial phone screen to final candidate consideration. With unique assessment methods that don’t just rely on skills or experience listed on a resume, our target candidates must possess the qualities that will make them successful in your organization and be a cultural fit.

Recruiting and Talent Acquisition in Pittsburgh, PA

The Acuity RPO mission is to create a recruiting and talent acquisition experience for you that will provide the following:

  • Reduced recruiting time and costs with a streamlined process
  • Higher quality candidates and increased interview to hire ratios
  • Strategic consultation that will bring better results and new hires who will contribute to company success

Talent acquisition at any level can be a lonely process for a hiring manager at a company. Partnering with Acuity RPO will ease the stress of delivering the talent solutions your company deserves because we understand that recruiting as usual is no longer an option.